A talisman, an object endowed with powers to bring good luck or ward off evil, is the inspiration for the Talisman series. To interpret an idea becomes a part of the creative process. Taking the medium from idea to finished piece is the work, be it beloved work, which falls to the artist during the moment of creation.

Using symbols of power, such as mandalas and crosses, give strength to the composition of the Raku wall pieces that comprise the series. Fiber, wood, paint, colored pencils, glass and semi-precious beads are elements that add dimension to the mixed media structures. The iridescence of the glazes play against the unglazed velvety black of the reduction fired clay pieces.

Using metallic oil sticks, Prisma Color pencils, and acrylics on the unglazed surfaces employ 2-D techniques that reflect the lusters and colors of the glazes. The addition of the wooden dowels, used like warp threads, and beading techniques developed by Native Americans, along with fiber wrapping techniques of basket-making artisans, are critical components of building the final piece. I like to think that each wall plaque brings together a translation of idea into a dimensional form that brings visual and spiritual pleasure.